Hello and welcome back.
3 months ago some of us, although not prophets of doom, envisaged that we could be where we are now as a country with regards to COVID. Why? The science.
It was written on the walls just like in the days of Daniel. The borders were opened without ensuring mandatory quarantine for people traveling in to vote or for the yuletide. Our political leaders made it worse with the organization of so-called “mini rallies” with little regard for the COVID19 protocols.
Then came “bronya” (Christmas). We had family meetings and gatherings, parties, and organized events. At some of these, protocols were enforced at the entrance but once we gained admittance, all caution was thrown to the wind especially when it was time to eat, drink, and dance. Indeed, even those involved in keeping us on our toes seemingly went to sleep as even the GHS regular updates were nowhere to be found. We simply all acted as though COVID had formally served us notice of its departure.
Then the effects of our actions began to hit us in the face after the yuletide. Suddenly, we noticed COVID never left, it was living among us and doing underground damage. The rise was subtle but now, it’s so glaring the experts describe it as dire.
Could we have averted this? Yes. Can we revert the situation now? Absolutely.
But only if we man up for the task!💪🏾

We need to stop crying over spilled milk. We all agree that the political activities contributed to a large extent. That ship has already sailed so let’s stop looking back “biko” lest we turn into pillars of salt.😃 Let’s look ahead, Let us FOCUS!!
This is the time for us to each take a personal stance to protect ourselves from COVID. We can start by practicing the following;

1. Source Control: This means, when u have any of the COVID19 symptoms, report to a health facility, get tested, and go into quarantine until results come.
All moderate to severely ill patients should be in isolation or treatment centers. All mild patients in compulsory self-isolation. Self-isolation or quarantine is not a “get-out-of-work” free card. It’s not the time to go round town running errands, neither is it the time to travel to your village to catch up on all the family meetings you missed. If you’re one of those who do this, you must be screened for witchcraft as well. Don’t ask me how.

2. Mask up at all times when interacting with others. You know how we do it right? Taking it off ever so often to talk, laugh, drink water not forgetting the selfie moments and most surprisingly to sneeze. I saw someone take off his mask to sneeze- I kid you not. The lack of knowledge causing us to perish is on another level. This is why it is advisable to keep all meetings and gatherings short. The temptation to drink water during a one-hour meeting is less.

3. Maintain Physical distance: Avoid crowded places and this includes enclosed restaurants, pubs, parties, crowded classrooms, and staff common rooms. We still have classrooms of 40, 50, and 70. Don’t wait for a crisis. Be proactive dear heads of schools.
in addition, Maintain at least 1m between you and other people as much as possible. Just stretch out your arm fully, if you reach the person next to you, you are too close.

4. Hand Hygiene:
Wash your hands with soap under running water after touch surfaces, door handles, facemasks adjustments, etc.
Frequent use of hand sanitizers if water is not readily available or washing isn’t convenient.

3. Direct disinfection and cleaning of surfaces at least twice a day with household disinfectants or 70% alcohol especially at busy places like classrooms, banking halls and offices.

Now let me dispel some myths

Myth 1: COVID is not a medical emergency and it is all made up?
Really? The Over 100 million cases worldwide with over 2 million deaths. There is a virus out there that is changing its form every day and causing people to fall sick. Now people have so many non-conforming illnesses that turn out to be COVID.

Myth 2: Masks are not working and they are infringing on people’s rights.
If we all adhere to using the mask, we will soon be able to go back to normalcy.

Myth 3: The vaccines are produced hurriedly and so can’t be trusted.
In 2002 and 2012, parts of the world were hit with SARS AND MERS respectively. Both of these illnesses are from the Coronavirus family. A lot of work went into research on these viruses and this research has largely cut down on the amount of time required for COVID19 vaccine development.

A lot of work has gone into and still going into the vaccines. Let’s not be misled by conspiracy theories because the hard truth is that there are cheaper ways to kill you without having to spend millions of dollars on vaccine development. Let’s appreciate our hard-working scientists who have laboured tirelessly to get us this far.
Get vaccinated if you have the chance.
LET US TRUST THE PROCESS.💪🏾 There is light at the end of this gloomy tunnel and we must stay positive but covid-negative.

Until I come your way again next time, stay safe🥰.



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