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The 6th of December, 2020 was an ordinary Sunday until an extraordinary idea popped up🤭. After church, as I laid in my room, browsing my blog, a thought occured to me. As part of my contribution to regenerative health, what can I do to encourage and get people moving before Christmas? Suddenly, skipping jumped at me! Yes, I said! A skipping contest.

I went straight to my Facebook page and did a Facebook live to invite others to join the challenge. I then shared it on my WhatsApp status, and the response was incredible. The link to a WhatsApp group for the challenge was created and shared. The challenge began on Sunday, and after a few more Facebook Lives, more people joined.

To put it mildly, the challenge was amazing. After that, patrons wanted to continue, and we tried to keep it going, but the impetus faded, and I said, “no wahala, everybody go your own way, let me chok my somewhere.”🤭 Even after the WhatsApp platform was dissolved, some people continued to inquire about the next challenge.🤔
As the second half of this year was about to begin, I decided to relaunch the challenge in order to assist people in achieving or maintaining their health objectives for the year. This second challenge, which is still ongoing, began on June 5, 2021, and the results have been encouraging once again🙏🏿.

What is skipping
Skipping, often known as jump rope, is a sport that entails jumping over a rope that is held at both ends by oneself or two other people and continuously turned over the head and beneath the feet.

Why skipping challenge by HAA Wellness?
1. It is a simple and inexpensive activity because no fancy equipment is required.
2. It can be done by anyone, with few or no constraints in terms of health issues.
3. It can be done at any time and on any day (some of our patrons were skipping at work places, beaches, school parks etc)
4. It’s simple, and virtually anyone (biko, no vex, I stated almost everyone🤭) can do it. Regardless of whether you can skip, if you are dedicated, you may learn in minutes to hours.)
5. Skipping is possible even without a rope!

Benefits of skipping

There are many benefits of skipping but for the purposes of this writeup, lets look at 10.

  1. Skipping is a great form of cardio exercise. It improves circulation to your heart and the rest of your body leading to a healthier you!👍🏾
  2. t is efficient in weight loss. Personally, I resort to skipping more when I need to shed off a few pounds. Effective skipping has been shown to use about 30% more of energy than running. (good news for someone like me who is not enthusiastic about running😅)
  3. It improves coordination. Don’t underestimate the mental work that goes into jumping, moving the hands and counting especially for children. So, for kids, I prefer they use the traditional ropes and not the ropes with counters. Let them count and jump and get all the benefits✅
  4. Skipping has been shown to improve cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, insulin resistance (major cause of diabetes) and hypertension.
  5. It improves joint repositioning, coordination and endurance.
  6. Improves self confidence☺️
  7. Skipping increases the strength of muscles
  8. It improves flexibility of all joints😜
  9. Skipping helps to reduce waist line (but off course, healthy eating should not be thrown into the gutters🙅🏾‍♀️)
  10. Bone mineral density is enhanced with skipping thus reducing risk of bone injuries. Skipping is a terrific sport not only for adults, but also for children and young adolescents, for the reasons stated above and more. In this age of childhood inactivity and obesity☹️, why not take on this challenge with your kids and watch them have a blast while reaping significant benefits?😎

Until I come your way again, stay active. You are welcome to join us for the rest of the challenge, as we skip our way to a healthier you.💪🏾



  1. Dr, thank you so much for the encouragement to do this exercise.i can now skip 150 at a go. it’s really helping me.

  2. Great article!
    Many people think of it as just a game for children but it has tremendous health benefits for adults as you have rightly stated!
    Let’s get skipping!

  3. I actually joined the 2nd challenge n now the 3rd, must say it really helped me n I’m not stopping anytime soon. Thank u doc
    Keep the good work up

  4. Worth reading Doc. and I thank God I joined the December challenge. It has really boosted my morale to do other forms of exercises with ease. I can now skip over 1000 a day and as you always encourage we should keep adding. God bless you for this challenge. I for one a lot of testimonies to share though we are only on day 15.


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