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Today, I want to talk about the benefits of exercise or physical activity. I have on numerous occasions heard people questioning others; “aah but you kraa what are you burning” 😳 (In reference to their weights being normal yet they are exercising). Like seriously? 😆 This gives the erroneous impression that exercise is only meant for weight loss purposes and by extension reserved only for overweight or obese persons. This, is a fallacy of hasty conclusion! (brofo😂😆)

There are a thousand and one benefits to exercises. There are a zillion types of exercise out there that offer these benefits. Let’s look at some basic benefits.

1. Exercise improves blood flow to all body parts improving brain functions such as concentration, focus and memory. 

2. Exercise helps improve muscle, bone and joint strength thereby reducing risk of aging-related wear-and-tear as well as increases flexibility.

3. Exercise causes the release of “feel good hormones”😚😌 such as endorphins. These “feel good hormones”, as the name implies have a way of making you feel good and by extension more productive.💪🏾 This may also translate into other spheres of your life by simply making you a better person.

4. Exercise increases your immunity and helps reduce the risk of common infections and chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancer.

5. Moderate and controlled exercise helps to control high sugars and Hypertension.


6. Exercise helps improve heart function and improves endurance thereby improving stamina (for both the boardroom and the bedroom). This is one of the key benefits of cardio workouts.

7. Exercise has been found to improve sleep immensely. For persons experiencing difficulty in sleeping, (Insomnia), some exercise at bedtime gives a relaxing effect and good sleep.

8. Exercising also saves you money 💵 as a healthy person spends less on hospital visits and medications.

9. Exercise improves sexual function (this I know will get many of you excited and interested. 😂 ).

10. Finally exercises can help you manage your weight. (I know you thought I will not mention it 😜).

Simple tips to get you started

If you have not been physically active for a long time, it’s important to start slow over a few days and build up the intensity gently over several days (Hasten slowly).

For some, you may have to be cleared by your general physician before embarking on exercise more intense than the basic ones like walking or house-cleaning.

For people who have been newly diagnosed of Hypertension or diabetes, it’s imperative to have your eyes, feet and heart checked before embarking on an exercise regime. Your feet has to be checked to be sure you have no loss of sensation medically known as neuropathy since it may pose a risk of injury. High blood pressures may also increase the risk of heart attacks if you are involved in extreme exercises😕

What do I need to exercise?

You do not need any sophisticated equipment to start exercising. You can start with simple brisk walking, skipping (a.k.a. jump rope), dancing, walking up and down the stairs

The most important aspect in exercising is consistency. You must have routines and schedules, which you should maintain. No matter what you do, keep going and don’t stop. One thing that helps with consistency is keeping your exercise routine exciting! I have incorporated salsa and afro dance beats🕺🏾 routines on some days to keep it exciting. You can try that too (not every day, serious things la😝). Again, getting an exercise partner or a coach greatly helps in being consistent – Eccl 4:10.🙏🏾

My exercise buddy, Micah… keeps me accountable

Basic Exercises

It’s always best to have simple exercises. They are less stressful and pose little risks and you are more likely to be consistent with them.

Basic things such as brisk walking, sweeping, cleaning, packing and unpacking clothes can be great starting points.

Vigorous ones such as High intensity interval training (HIIT), jogging, running, weight lifting should be added as your stamina and endurance increase. For persons with chronic diseases, this should be withheld until clearance from a physician.

So, next time you see a friend exercising, don’t ask them what they are aiming to lose. There is a lot more to exercising  than weight loss!

Until I come your way again, keep safe and cheers.



  1. I have been opening gate and running after the boys everyday. I hope my consistency level is normal. Anaaa????🤔

  2. Wow great piece.
    Consistency is the real deal and major obstacle for most people.
    We get consistent for 1 week and then the excuses starts coming. We sure will keep trying to get there

    • Wow great piece.
      Consistency is the real deal and major obstacle for most people.
      We get consistent for 1 week and then the excuses starts coming. We sure will keep trying to get there

  3. Great one for the public. I think this has come at the right time for everyone.
    Exercise is medicine, thanks for much and hope people will take it’s seriously

  4. Exercise is very good for the body.
    The rush of endorphin release that exercise brings us unparalleled.
    Don’t forget to stretch after exercising. It helps reduce muscle cramps and helps with flexibility.
    Exercise is bae !!!

  5. Great write up! consistency is the problem! But will try the partner approach. Thanks and keep the good work

    • 🤣 🤣 🤣. I know you understand it all too well but.. Let me say something for shege “reasons”. Increased blood flow to all body parts including sex organs and increased endurance improves performance paaa👌😂

  6. I remember way back in school, we were climbing some hill bi and everybody was sweating profusely, then I stood and asked ahhh🤔 so now that the fat bodies are burning fat, what are we the skinny ones burning😋, then someone answered muscles😂.
    Exercise is an interesting thing 😉😘
    thank you for that piece 😍

  7. Thank you so much for your insight. I think more and more people should read this. You are helping clear the misconception that, working out among women is usually for the plus sized ones.

    …and to all those who keep telling me I’ll vanish on the treadmill because I’m too slim to work out…🤪

  8. Hecty who has sent you to come and torment me? 😅
    Great piece. Looking for my skipping rope right about now….. let’s go! 💪💪

  9. True, working out with a partner/couch helps a lot. Interestingly my trainer doesn’t train us with any equipment, which means I could repeat the same exercise at home but 🥺, I would rather do it with him and the others. It’s encouraging.

  10. I decided to consciously start exercising last month,and it’s been great so far.Exercise indeed improves ur mood and sleep.

  11. I’ve gotten right answers for those who ask me what am aiming to achieve through exercising.

    Thank you Dr.

    Please do come again soon with more exciting write up.

  12. Oh fine! I clean everyday. Girl I’m on 🔥. Now I can say I’ve been consistent with exercise all my life girrrrl!


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