It was an intense four-day malaria case management training in the beautiful Volta serene hotel in Ho, the capital city of Volta Region, Ghana. On the last day, a doctor was scheduled to teach on non-communicable diseases in Ghana. What? Why would they tag this to malaria? It’s a whole training on its own and rightly so! I was really wondering why on earth this had to happen.


Dr. Ama (not her real name) without even hearing the questions in my mind, answered every single one of them. Non- communicable diseases have increasingly become a burden in Ghana and all people especially health workers had to know so we could play our roles well. There was little or no funding to the fight of non-communicable diseases in Ghana. Donors were either not interested or we are simply not pushing enough for such. And why the hell should they care? Why should we always go cup in hand begging even for things that we could do ourselves?  After all, the donor can’t be “infected” with our Hypertension or diabetes if they shared a flight with us or if they visited our country. 

Unfortunately, our government doesn’t also seem to care. Why? Because they need to do the donors bid! You spend money on what the donor deems fit and important. As the saying goes, who plays the piper dictates the tune.

This really got me thinking very fast as she continued to give the horrifying figures of cancers, Hypertension, Diabetes and kidney diseases in the country.

In the end, a call was made. Go out there and spread the word. Let everyone, everywhere know about these silent killers. Be the messengers to let the Ghanaian know the truth. Hold the forth.

I immediately accepted the call. I started in my own small way as an advocate. I would seize every opportunity to talk about Hypertension or diabetes, or cancers. I moved from church to church with the help of friends and work colleagues to spread the truths, myths and preventive measures concerning these diseases. My social media handle especially WhatsApp status was my biggest audience…I could get 250 viewers for a message or post! (Haters will say, that’s small lol. But to me, it was a big following.

People would reach out with questions, concerns, fears, and best of all encouragement to continue doing what I do. And then one beautiful morning, a colleague slide into my dm and said to me… “You should start a blog👊🏼👍🏼”. And this was exactly on 16th May 2019. I laughed it off with “I actually started thinking about that” but will give it a full thought after my exams. Was just rounding up my Masters in Public Health and I felt starting a blog would be a distraction. Dr. Ralpheal Adua, thank you for that statement a year ago. It’s part of the reason I’m here today. I mentioned this to my husband and partner in good and bad, my husband, Francis and he also thought it was a good idea and that I should start something and he would support me… I’m truly blessed.

But like everyone else, I packed it under the books. 😂. It’s been a full year of back and forth, wondering if I could really do this. Reading, researching and praying about starting a blog. 

To the glory of God, today I finally said to myself… With God on your side, I shall smile at the storm! 

It’s about staying focus on the goal. And my goal is to let everyone out there know about communicable and non-communicable diseases.  To empower people to take the right decisions that would help reduce their risks of acquiring these diseases. To empower those who have it to make healthy choices to help improve their life and well-being. So join me as I do this 😘


  1. I love this swdy😍 I wish you the very best on this journey to create awareness, empower and inform🥰

  2. You’re an inspiration to a generation. May God grant you the strength to see this through. You have our support to the end.

  3. Mon Communicable diseases really are a big challenge that nobody seems to pay serious attention to. And so it is wrecking havoc to us all. Imagine if the money spent on NCD each Year could be saved towards something else.
    Congratulations and may your blog have its desired impact.

  4. That’s a beautiful write up and I like the zeal with which u have started.Keep the fire burning more every day,and the Lord will surely make u a success in ur field👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


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