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Let’s talk about eating fruits and vegetables. Countless times,I have heard people proudly say “As for me, I don’t like fruits” or I’m not a goat so I don’t eat grass” referring to vegetables” 😳 Yes, really! That is how bad some people make it seem 🤣It saddens my heart when I hear such comments but that is what it is.

Ghanaian oranges

Fruits and vegetables can be eaten whole as you know it, made into juices, purees, smoothies, added to staple foods etc. There is a lot we can do to enjoy fruits especially with children. One common mistake I see with parents who don’t like fruits is that sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, they push their dislike to their children. Children learn more by modeling than by instructions and so they do exactly what we are doing rather than what we tell them to do. Whatever mummy or daddy eats is most likely what they will grow up liking or eating. I see it with my boys all the time. They are eager to eat anything that is served on a regular bases but new fruits or dishes sometimes pose a challenge. After a few attempts, I am always tempted to give up.

But then it occurred to me how they adore their dad and always copy what he does or says (advantages of the monkey stage of life 😂) So we started being ingenious about it… Get super hero dad to try out “new” dishes and fruits in front of them and voila!! Wink. If daddy takes and says “wow!! Soooooo delicious.. or 😋😋.., everyone wants to try it. Sometimes, you see the disappointment on their faces  but hey daddy says it’s delicious so it is… lol. We keep at it until they are comfortable with the new food or meal.  Sometimes too, just sharing a bowl of fruits with them encourages them to eat because everyone is eating.

The World Health Organization recommends a daily fruit and vegetable serving of 400g a day to help minimize the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart diseases. This translates to about five servings a day.. What is a serving? A serving of fruits or vegetables can be simplified as the size of your fist (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations). So, make a fist and that is about the amount of fruits and vegetables you should be taking at least five times a day!

Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables

Am I really attempting to talk about the benefits? 🤔

 Where do I start and finish? Anyway, let’s take a look at a few.

1.           They are rich in fiber thereby makes you fill up easily and keep fuller for longer. Fiber also improves your digestive system function and that is why from days of old our mothers gave us oranges when we were constipated. 🤣

2.           Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, they keep you energized and free of infections and chronic diseases.

3.           Ever heard of eating the rainbow? Yes! That’s what fruits and vegetables give you. They make your plate colourful and make eating times happy times especially for children.😅

4.           A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been shown  by numerous studies to reduce high blood pressure. So,if you are hypertensive, go ahead and reduce those 2 balls of banku or kenkey to one and replace with vegetables and fruits to fill up. 💪🏾 5.           Finally, fruits and vegetables also reduce the risk of developing most types of cancers especially  cancer of the breast, prostate, stomach and esophagus…

There are a million and one types of fruits and vegetables wherever the Lord placed you. So many options with no hassle at all. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out as many fruits and vegetables as possible. You will definitely find a few that gel with you.🤗


  1. Great piece. I was assessing myself whilst I read. I eat fruits but I could do better. I will not only eat it when it’s available but I will be intentional about making it always available. 🙏🏿 Thank you 😊

  2. Your write ups are very interesting to read
    You convey very important messages in “fun style” (don’t bother looking this up, my own brofo that)
    Keep it up!!!..

  3. My worry is the kind of fruits and vegetables we have this days. Because of chemicals they don’t look good especially our bananas and mangoes.

  4. Thanks for the education. My children don’t like fruits so l would try the Daddy strategy in your write up. Thanks Dr

  5. Bravoo! Great and educative piece. One factor that discourages people from eating fruits is their seasonality. Fruits are mostly expensive when they are out of seasons.
    But hey! Your life is more valuable than the cost of the fruits out of seasons! You are what you eat.

    Thank you Dr. Hectoria for the education.

  6. On point. We need to encourage eating of fruits and vegetables regularly. Esp. in covid times. Thanks for the enlightenment

  7. Very Educative Madam Doc; Nature is blessed with these from God Almighty to supplement and support our Health needs…..

    Please keep on Educating us….

    God Be with you

    Stay safe

  8. Sooo true….fruits and veggies help with weight loss too. At least per my experience, fruits🥭🍉🍌 and veggies🌽🥒🥬🥗 are one on my few loves 😍😍

  9. I am one of the many people who hardly eat fruits. I remember my Dad use to say eat fruits and you will be able to have free bowels,but I have always turned a deaf ear to that. Anyways thanks for this interesting piece. Like Martina said I am starting now😂😂😂😂

  10. IL don’t like eating fruits. I only do when I am hungry and food is not readily available. But, with this piece I will change. 😂

  11. Growing up we were made to believe that eating fruits after meals was an indication that one was not satisfied. We were even beaten. However, I have come to realize that there is a lot to benefit from fruits and vegetables.

    • Lol, you didn’t even know mango was in season. Sit up Tee and eat fruit. For your information mangos 🥭 and watermelon 🍉 are in season. 😂

  12. Beautiful article. I love the part where I get to eat the rainbow🌈. You really make it so easy to read medical articles. Great write up.


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